domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Welcome to my blog

HI GUYS!!  my name is Alejandra Cabeza, i live in maracaibo, i have seventeen years old and birthday is on march 3rd. i go to college, my university name is Rafael Belloso Chacin (URBE) i study computer engeneering. My family is pretty awesome i have a little sister and little brother they got me crazy but i love them, my dad and my mom are sports fanatics.
Now i'm gonna talk you i little bit more of me. I love music, i listen every kind of music. I´m a commun teenager i love to party, dancing and hanging around with my friends. I have a really strong personality and i always say what I thing, i`m very funny girl.
I created this blog  to find new friends around the world and paste all my ideas and thoughts about every subject.
My real gold is to graduated and be a good professional. my dream is to  study a phd  in the united states and have my own busineess. my dream  is to go to spain and go to real madrid stadium Santiago Bernabeu and watch a spain classic. ¡Hala Madrid!
Well guys, I hope you like my blog and you seem interesting!

" The life live of moments, and from  moments to moments life gets over"